Vulnerability CVE-2021-44228 - Log4J

If you are looking for further information if Communardo apps are affected by this vulnerability, please find details below.


We have so far processed the following apps and can confirm that they are not affected by the vulnerability:

  • Accessibility for Confluence

  • Categories for Bitbucket

  • Connector for SharePoint Search

  • IT System and Application Catalogue

  • Legacy SharePoint Connector

  • Metadata for Confluence

  • Process Management Suite

  • RemindMe for Jira

  • SharePoint Connector for Confluence

  • SubSpace Navigation for Confluence

  • User Anonymizer for Confluence

  • User Anonymizer for Jira

  • User Profiles for Confluence

  • User Profiles for Jira

  • CUTE for Jira

  • CUTE for Confluence

If you need information about another app, please reach out to our support team via our customer portal.