Subspace Cloud: App is not working properly on Confluence Cloud Free Plan


Users experience issues with the Subspace Cloud app when using a Confluence Cloud instance on the free plan. It is not possible to configure the navigation at all, even when logged in as the admin user. When clicking on the “configuration” icon on the navigation bar, an empty configuration dialog appears and new elements cannot be added.

When you start using the Subspace Cloud app, a space named "Communardo Products" will be created automatically. Within this space, there is a page named "Navigation Configuration". This is the page where we store the configuration data for the navigation bar.

When using our app on a Confluence Cloud Free Plan, while the "Communardo Products" space gets created, the "Navigation Configuration" page is not added within this space. Without this page being automatically created, we cannot load and save the navigation.

The missing "Permissions and restrictions" functionality in the Free plan might probably be blocking the creation of the "Navigation Configuration" page.


There is a workaround: We can manually create the missing "Navigation Configuration" page with its default content.

  • Create a page named "Navigation Configuration", within the space with key "COMMUNARDOPRODUCTS". This space should be already created in your system.

  • Add a "Page properties" macro on the page. Configure the macro to be "Hidden" and to have the Page Properties ID parameter "subspace-navigation"


  • Add this exact content to your macro.

[{"type":"folder","title":"DEMO NAVIGATION","link":"","attributes":{},"children":[]},{"type":"folder","title":"My Links","link":"","attributes":{},"children":[{"type":"cql","title":"My favourite content","link":"favourite = currentUser()","attributes":{},"children":[]},{"type":"cql","title":"My last modified content","link":"contributor = currentUser() AND type IN('page', 'blogpost') order by created desc","attributes":{},"children":[]}]},{"type":"folder","title":"Subspace navigation for Confluence","link":"","attributes":{},"children":[{"type":"externallink","title":"Documentation","link":"","attributes":{},"children":[]}]}]

  • Publish the page. 

Now you get to the Subspace navigation bar with its default content.

Then, you can continue working normally and configure the navigation according to your needs.