Problem connecting to SharePoint with SNI


When testing the connection from Confluence to SharePoint you get the follwing error:

Test call SharePoint service failed:: The https URL hostname does not match the Common Name (CN) on the server certificate. 
To disable this check (NOT recommended for production) set the CXF client TLS configuration property "disableCNCheck" to true.

Bug Report: CSI-2075 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Background Information

The error is part of a JAVA 8 Bug (documented in this bug report).

The Legacy SharePoint Connector does not do the certification check or handshake. This is done by JAVA. Legacy SharePoint Connector uses an Apache SOAP CXF library for the connection check.


You will need to update JAVA on your Confluence server to Version 9 (not release when this article had been written) or JAVA 1_8u141 (not release when this article had been written)


You can add a certificate for the default website with the correct CN

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