JIRA Service Management App Licensing


Which level of licensing is required for a JIRA Service Management instance?

What happens, if we expand our installation to have more Service Management agents or add JIRA Software to the instance in terms of licensing for JIRA apps?


The apps always have to be bought for the highest user count. This means if you are only using JIRA Service Management , the licensing tier has to correspond to the number of agents. If you add JIRA Software, the tier has to reflect the user/agent number of either JIRA Software or Service Management - depending which one has the higher user count.

The number of Service Management customers is not relevant to licensing, as they do not count towards the JIRA Service Management/Core license.

If your highest user count is 15 Service Management agents, which does not directly correspond to a pricing tier of e.g. User Profiles for JIRA, you will need to buy the next available tier, which would be for 25 users.

General information regarding app licensing can be found in the Atlassian Licensing & Purchasing FAQ.