Auto-complete for SharePoint List Macro Smart Fields Not Working in Confluence Macro Browser


When inserting a SharePoint List macro into a Confluence page, suggestions for valid list and/or view names do not appear in the macro fields when typing in text. The fields instead operate just as simple plain-text input.

In the SharePoint ULS log file, the following error message appears:

Search for lists caused exception:
    Your search cannot be completed because this site is not assigned to an indexer


The auto-complete feature for the SharePoint List macro relies on the SharePoint search index to quickly find matching list and view names to suggest to the user.

If the target SharePoint site is not configured to be indexed by any SharePoint search service or application, then no index is available for use and the auto-complete query fails.


Ensure that your SharePoint site is configured to have a search indexer assigned. Instructions on how to configure this using SharePoint Central Administration may be found on the Microsoft TechNet Forums.

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