How the Legacy SharePoint Connector Manages Permissions

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If a user has permission to view a SharePoint site, but they do not have permission to view a Confluence space, will they be able to see content from that Confluence space in a web part of the SharePoint site?

When embedding Confluence content in SharePoint: The Legacy SharePoint Connector always checks the permissions of the user currently logged in to SharePoint before displaying the Confluence content. The user requires 'view' permission in Confluence in order to see the content of the web part, and the Confluence page's 'Edit' is disabled if the user does not have 'edit' permission in Confluence.

When embedding SharePoint content in Confluence: List security and row security is checked before rendering a SharePoint List macro provided that the 'Enable sp-list permission trimming' option is enabled in Confluence on the 'SharePoint Integration Administration' screen.

Will Sharepoint site permissions be respected in integrated search? How does it work the other way, searching in Sharepoint for content that is in Confluence?

If you want to search content in both Confluence and Sharepoint, the Legacy SharePoint Connector's Federated Search is the solution. The Federated Search web part also ensures that the correct user-level security is applied to any search results returned from Confluence.

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