Trouble searching custom profile fields

This has been solved with UPC-652 - Getting issue details... STATUS in version 2.1.0. If you are still running into trouble after updating to version 2.1.0 or newer, please perform a reindex.


There are no search results for extended searches like My\ Hobby:tennis or

  1. add custom data to any standard profile element (the ones that come with Confluence)
  2. try to search for data in any of those elements via extended search using the *English titles* of the elements, e.g.: Department:"Infrastructure Services"
  3. there should be no hit


This behavior has changed with Confluence 5.9. Workaround: Use the German equivalent of the element title to look up the Data

Default profile fields can be found as follows:

  • Phone => Telefon
  • Department => Abteilung
  • Location => Ort
  • Position, IM and Website should work as expected because they are the same for both languages.

We are already tracking this bug in our ticket system: UPP-652 - Getting issue details... STATUS