Disabling or enabling all apps (using Safe Mode)

Running your application in 'safe mode' disables all user installed apps at once. All apps that were disabled when you entered Safe Mode will be re-enabled when you exit Safe Mode.

To enable safe mode: 

  1. Click the Enable safe mode link at the bottom of the page.
    The 'Do you wish to continue?' dialog box appears.
  2. Click the Continue button to confirm the operation.
    All user-installed apps are disabled and your application now runs in safe mode, as indicated by the message on the page.

You can now individually enable or uninstall apps.

When finished, exit safe mode by clicking one of these links in the Safe Mode banner:

  • Exit Safe Mode and restore the previous configuration enables user-installed apps, restoring your app configuration to the state before you entered Safe Mode.
  • Exit Safe Mode and keep the current configuration enables user-installed apps, keeping all changes made to your app configuration while in Safe Mode.