When will the next compatible release be published?

I would like to know when can we expect an update compatible with a specific Confluence/Jira/Bitbucket version.


As soon as a new version of Confluence/Jira/Bitbucket is released we get right to testing to confirm the compatibility of our app as soon as possible. The compatibility for bug fix versions will be set automatically.

Our goal is to confirm the compatibility within two weeks after the release, however for very complex apps or if we run into bugs that need to be fixed first, it might take longer.

This of course concerns new releases. If your Confluence, Jira or Bitbucket has reached end of life, you can often find a compatible version in the app listing in the Atlassian Marketplace. You can find a compatible older version there and upload it to your system by hand.

Image: The version history of the SubSpace Navigation for Confluence which shows where to download an older app version