Use Link Actions

It is assumed that Link Spotter has already been added to the channel. Otherwise first follow the instructions under


Image 1: Link actions


Within the list of links you find several action buttons on the right side. On hover a tooltip with the corresponding description appears.



On small screens a mobile menu is shown, clicking on it will show a bottom menu.

Go to website


Image 2: “Go to website” button (click to enlarge)


The “Go to website” action is used to open the link in your browser. Click on the “Go to website” icon to open the link in a new tab of your OS default browser.

Good to know

  • To open a link you can also click on the link itself (regardless of the link portion: thumbnail image, link title, excerpt or URL).

  • A link pointing to a Teams message will be opened within MS Teams instead of the default browser.





Image 3: “Copy link” button (click to enlarge)


The “Copy link” action transfers the current link URL to your clipboard. Click on the “Copy link” icon to copy the link URL to the clipboard of your device. Use it e.g. to share the link with someone




Image 4: “Go to message“ button (click to enlarge)


The “Go to message” actions forwards you to the origin message of this link. Click on the “Go to message” icon to navigate to the original MS Teams message where the link is contained.