Remove Link Spotter from a Team Channel

Remove from a channel

Link Spotter can be removed from a channel the same way like any other common MS Teams app.

Simply navigate to the Teams channel where you added the app and open the tab. After that you will be able to open the context menu of the tab by clicking on the arrow near your tabs name.


Image 1: “Remove a tab” button in the channel


A dialog will be opened where you are able to choose whether application data of that channel shall be deleted (per default data will be deleted).

The option to delete app data is disabled when you have added multiple instances to the same channel.

Approving the dialog will remove Link Spotter from the channel.


Image 2: “Remove a tab” dialog

What is meant by app data?

Please have a look into the following section to get a better understanding about the data Link Spotter stores and how the data is managed: