Subcription handling


In order to use Link Spotter for your company, you will need an active subscription that is based on the number of users which able to use Microsoft Teams. This subscription is tied to your organization and will be paid and managed using the Microsoft Commercial Marketplace.



Navigate to AppSource to purchase a Subscription for Link Spotter. Please verify your payment information used by our Tenant and choose the number of Microsoft Teams users as seat size. Our services will check this information later and update the seat size correspondingly to the number of users who have Teams license assigned to your Tenant (excluding guests).

Please be aware that we will periodically check your user count and update your subscription seat size accordingly in order to get the correct payment information.

After creating the subscription in AppSource you have to configure your account and activate your subscription in order to start using Link Spotter. The subscription will be automatically associated with the Tenant you are logged into when you make the purchase in AppSource.

There can be only one active subscription per Tenant. Additional subscriptions (if any were accidentally created) will be automatically canceled when the account is configured. Subscription to subsets of users in a Tenant is not currently supported.

Manage Subscription

To manage the subscription for your organization you can simply click on the link “Manage Subscription“ in the top right corner of any Link Spotter tab.


Image 1: Manage subscription


Please consider that the initial loading of the channel has to be finished in order for the above link to appear. You can follow instructions at if you haven’t added Link Spotter to a channel yet.

To provide your company more flexibility in managing your subscription we have restricted access to that link. Users or groups that should be able to see that link have to be added to the application role “Licence Manager“ by your Azure AD administrator.

How to assign the Licence Manager role

To assign the Licence Manager role to persons or groups you have to navigate to the tab “Enterprise applications“ inside your organizations Azure Active Directory.

You should be able to find “Link Spotter” following the steps on the screen below:


Image 2: Search “Link Spotter” App


After selecting the app you are able to manage user and group assignments for Link Spotter using the tab “Users and groups“. Click on the button “Add user/group“ to assign users who will deal with licensing in your organization to the role “Licence Manager”.


Image 3: List of users


Clicking on “None Selected“ allows you to select the users or groups which should be able to manage the subscription of your organization.

The role “Licence Manager” should be preselected automatically because it’s the only role available.

You can finish the configuration process by clicking on “Assign“.

It can take up to 30 minutes until this change will be reflected in Link Spotter and the assigned users to be able to see the “Manage subscription“ link.


Image 4: Add users to a group