Confluence Favorite Menu






This extension is now part of the CUTE for Confluence add-on. Please upload this extension only, if you use version 1.0.X . If you experience any troubles, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions or contact us via .

The "Confluence favorite menu" extension provides a little tiny icon at the top navigation bar to get an easy access to your favorite pages and spaces.



Download and Compatibility

Extension VersionDateCompatibility with ConfluenceDownloadComment
1.0.52017-05-295.8 - 6.2commmunardo.confluence.favorite.menu_1.0.5.cuteremove by no permission or delete
1.0.42014-05-083.4 - 6.0commmunardo.confluence.favorite.menu_1.0.4.cuteOnly for logged in users
1.0.32013-05-033.4 - 5.1commmunardo.confluence.favorite.menu_1.0.3.cuteLittle fix for Documentation Theme
1.0.22012-12-123.4 - 5.0commmunardo.confluence.favorite.menu_1.0.2.cuteReady for Confluence 5
1.0.12012-08-303.4 - 4.3commmunardo.confluence.favorite.menu_1.0.1.cuteBlogposts now have their own icon
1.02012-08-303.4 - 4.2