Confluence Cute Clouds Theme


The Cute Clouds extension provides a complete Theme for your Confluence.


  • Fresh and elegant look and feel
  • Your company's logo in the upper left corner (the global logo is used there)
  • Page tree on the left side sothat it cannot get lost in the page structure
  • Main navigation in the header that is based on Space Categories
  • Main navigation in the footer that is based on Space Categories (like a site map)
  • Easily adjustable colors (if you do not like the blue...)
  • Support for a wide range of Confluence versions


Download and Compatibility

VersionDateCompatibility with ConfluenceDownload
0.92012-07-174.0, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3beta1
3.4 and 3.5 with small limitations


(This version is quite experimental. Please use with caution!)

1.0(Septemter 2012) (coming soon)

Theme Compatibility

The extension has been tested for the Default Confluence Theme.

Description of the Features

Company Logo in the upper left Corner

For identification you can place your company's logo in the upper left corner. For that purpose the global logo (Confluence standard functionality) is used. The optimal size for your logo is 150x76 pixels.

Main Navigation in the Page Header

To provide an easy way to change over to other spaces, a main navigation is shown in the upper part of each page. The structure that is used there is similar to the Space Directory. Based on Space Categories available spaces are grouped. So if you are already working with space categories you will find this menu structure fitting for you out of the box.

Page Tree on the Left Side

When viewing a page or a blog post the page tree is displayed on the left side. So you always have access to the current space's contents. Please note that root-level pages are not displayed. The tree always starts with child pages of the space home page.

Main Navigation in the Page Footer

At the very bottom of the page a site map is displayed. The underlying structure is the same as that used for the main navigation on the top of the page, meaning these are spaces grouped by space categories.

Adjust the colors to your needs!

A special feature of this Theme is the ability to easily change the central colors with only some key strokes. The following table provides some ideas how the result may look like. Please scroll down to the FAQ to see how to do the adjustments.



How to change the Logo?

Please refer to the Atlassian Documentation how to edit the global logo. For optimal integration the background of your logo should be transparent.

How to adjust the Position of the Logo?

If your logo cannot be sized to the optimal size (150x76 pixels) it probably is displayed not ideally centered. To adjust this position you can edit the CSS that positions the logo. So go to the CUTE administration panel, edit the Cute Clouds Theme extension and click on the stylesheet header.css. Then scroll down to the follwing statement:

body.theme-default #header-logo a {
   top:10px;   // adjust here for your needs
   left:70px;  // and here, too

How to change the Color Scheme?

There are only four colors that are needed to define the colors for this theme. To change them you need to edit the CUTE extension's properties. So go to the CUTE administration panel, edit the Cute Clouds Theme extension and edit the properties that are displayed in the upper right area.

color.textThe color that is used for all the texts.
color.backgroundThis color defines the main impression as it is used for the background of the whole page.
color.linksThis color is used for links within the text.
color.headingsThis color is used for all the headings and the navigations.

Some pages are missing in the Page Tree on the Left Side.

Maybe this missing page is no child page (or other descendant) of the space's home page. By default every space has a page called "Home" that is the space home page, too. In fact you can define every page as home page. Please have a look into the Atlassian Documentation about Editing Space Details.

A Space is listed in several Items of the Main Menu.

This is no bug, as every space can categorized into many categories. So in reverse one space may be listed in multiplie space categories.