JIRA Field Hiding Extension


The JIRA Field Hiding Extension allows to hide fields for specified JIRA user groups. It is possible to hide system and custom fields from the issue navigator, view screen and edit screen. The fields and groups can be specified in the extension properties.

There are some important things to be considered:

  • the hiding is just of cosmetic nature, this means the fields can still be seen in XML and Word exports
  • the fields are hidden for each user in the specified group, even if the user is in other groups
  • it's not possible to hide the vote and watchers field (there is even a configuration item in JIRA for this (wink) )
  • fields are not hidden in the issue create dialog


Extension VersionDateCompatibilityDescription


1.02013-10-24Jira 6.0-6.1 - 7.12.1Initial releasecommunardo.jira.field.hiding_1.0.cute
1.0.12020-05-22Jira 7.10.0 and newerFixed compatibility

Configuration Example

Take for example you want to hide the "Created" system field. First you need to get the tag id of the field with your browser web tools.

Next you specify the id in the fields property and also specify a group of user which should not see the field.

If you want to hide a custom field, the correct ID is customfield_xxxxx (the number of the custom field). See section "Properties".

This is all you need to do, now you can refresh your issue page and the field is hidden.

Please note

If the id ends in "-val", e.g. "reporter-val", you need to leave the ending out. In this example, the term you need to enter as id is "reporter". 


Property nameDescriptionSyntax
groupsA comma separated list of user groups which don't see the hidden fields.


Important: no space between group name and comma

fieldsA comma separated list of fields to hide.


System Fields: The in the HTML code specified id.

Custom Fields: customfield_xxxxx (The number of the custom field)

Important: no space between field name and comma


It is not possible to hide the vote and watchers field. For this purpose, you can either adjust JIRA global settings or use CUTE to hide the fields with JavaScript.