Confluence Horizontal Scollbar


The "Confluence Horizontal Scollbar" extension provides the possiblity to scroll content (e.g. with large images and tables) in horizontal direction.





The following screenshots comparision shows the same page with and without activated "Confluence Horizontal Scollbar" extension. The example page has some text, an image in orginal size and a large table.

  1. without "Confluence Horizontal Scollbar" extension

  2. with "Confluence Horizontal Scollbar" extension


There are three properties for this extension to customize.

Property nameDefault ValueDescription

The selector of content container with elements to scroll in horizontal direction

contentContainerParentSelector#contentThe selector of parent from content container
hScrollIdentifiercute-hscrollThe identifier of scollbar in DOM

Download and Compatibility

VersionDateCompatibility with ConfluenceDownloadComments

4.2, 4.3


property default values for Confluence "Default Theme" and "Easy Reader Theme"


change property values for  Confluence "Default Theme" and "Easy Reader Theme"

  • contentContainerSelector (#content >
  • contentContainerParentSelector (#content)
  • hScrollIdentifier (hscroll)

Theme Compatibility

The extension has been tested for the Confluence "Default Theme" and "Easy Reader Theme".